More often than not, the biggest limit a child has to learning is imposed by the adults in his/her world. We now know that the brain has unlimited capacity to develop beyond what we ever thought was possible – especially at an early age. If we take the time to develop our teachers with a skillset that helps them identify each child’s uniqueness, we believe the child’s development can be accelerated.

    • Our model thus aims to give children the best start in life by:

      • Employing top academic talent and ensuring they keep their skills fresh, relevant and up-to-date.
      • Promoting diversity: we want teachers who have worked in banks and have built houses; teachers who are writers and artists, because we know that nothing can replace life experience. We believe in diversity in every aspect – from cultures to skillsets to teachers’ unique journeys to becoming educators.
      • Promoting continuous learning & access to top content: we are on a learning journey throughout our lives and we want to encourage students to always be aware of their capacity to grow and develop beyond what we could even give them.
      • Providing a safe & beautiful learning environment: schools no longer need to be a place of endless corridors and desks in straight rows. As our way of teaching changes, we want to create spaces that excite children and energies them.