Intsika Advisor

With all the challenges students experience in their personal lives, with their academics, peer pressure and other societal issues, the school needs to provide an environment that is conducive for effective learning.

Intsika is a Student Advisory Structure in our schools which supports the students in their academic, emotional, psychological and social life. Intsika support is provided by teachers who have a group of five to six students under their care.

Role of the Intsika Advisor

  • To be the first point of contact between the school and parents. The advisor needs to be familiar with the student’s home circumstances and when they are able to, they are encouraged to do home visits with the family in order to learn more about the student.
  • To meet with their advisee once a week on a day and time scheduled in the school timetable. At these meetings a range of topics are discussed, or a common activity completed as requested by the school. The advisors are, however, expected to have individual meetings with their students outside this scheduled time in order to afford them an opportunity to discuss confidential issues.
  • To keep track of the student’s academic performance and assist in providing intervention when there is a need. The advisor also has to keep the parents updated on the student’s progress on a regular basis and to arrange meetings to inform them as to how they can assist a student who needs extra support.
  • To prepare students for Student–led Conferences and to be present at the consultation meeting.
  • To initiate meetings between parents, teachers and the psychologist for consultation regarding the student’s academic support, intervention programme or behaviour concerns.

Advisory enhances the relationship between students and teachers and they experience school as a safe space to be. Students are able to learn effectively, express themselves freely and are open to receive varied and valuable support without feeling overwhelmed.

By Happy Seshoka

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