Help me to do it myself

Many parents accept Montessori Method, and they also want to create a Montessori environment at home to help their children practice. That’s a good idea! But how do we do it? What should we prepare? Is it difficult?

It’s not difficult at all; the most important thing is safety. We could show our children how to do it and let them try to do it themselves.  This work can help them be more independent and gain more confidence. Here are some examples that they could do at home, of course they can do more than this.

Before dinner or any meal, let your child help you set the table. Let him know who’s coming for dinner with your family then he can count how many knives, forks, spoons, glasses etc. you need. And then set the table. You also could let your friends or family know that your child set the table today.

On this work he could practice counting, numbers and quantity, how to set the table and care for the family. Butter the bread It’s good to invite your child to help you prepare the breakfast. Your child could help you spread the bread (materials: butter knife, butter, side-plate); pour juice in the glass (materials: a bottle of juice, some glasses); make a cup of tea (materials: cups, sugar, tea spoon, milk, hot water); cereal (materials: a box/ packet of cereal, milk, yogurt)

For this work he could practise: dry pouring, wet pouring, spooning etc. This helps his fine motor and gross motor development, co-ordination, independence, concentration and sense of order. He could offer grandmother a cup of tea and ask how many tea spoons of sugar she likes, and if she likes milk. That helps his social development, care of others, language development, listening and understanding.

Hanging up clothes

After the washing machine has finished washing, we need to hanging up clothes. It’s a good time to involve your child to help you. He could help you carry the peg bag, pick up one piece of clothing or anything like socks, and peg it on the clothes horse.

Matching socks

It could be a game, let’s start a socks matching game. When all the socks are dry, take them off the washing line, put all the pegs in the peg bag, bring the socks in and then game starts, the same colour and same pattern socks are put together. We put the same socks together and fold them and then put them away. When your child knows how to do it, you can also have a matching socks competition.

All this work helps them children up enormously. Children want to tell you: please help me to do it myself. Let’s be more patient and give them chance to do the things themselves. It’s really good for them.

By Michaela

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