FNS Lyndhurst shares information

Driving question: How can we share information?

The grade 2’s driving question was “how can we use technology to share information?”. This lead to a detailed discussion of types of technology and information that can be shared. They used iPads, cameras, laptops and search engines (to name a few) all in the search for our answer.

We eventually settled on creating an online platform that shares what is going on in our school – a website about our projects in different grades!!! It checked all the boxes – allowing the learners to fulfil the driving question to the max. They learned how to write newspaper articles; how to write a blog; record, interview and share various types of information using various types of technologies videos/camera and doing their own write-ups, and they had a lot of fun doing it.

Please take the time to look at all the various pages as each page shares a bit of information and shows our learning and developing in various ways.

Visit the website here.


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