Extra Curricular

Fleurhof Campus:
• Language Club
• Science and Robotics Club
• Athletics, Soccer and Netball
• Chess, Dance and Karate
Lyndhurst Campus:
• Languages Club
• Science and Robotics Club
• Athletics, Soccer and Netball
• Tennis, Cricket, Basketball and Hockey
• Chess, Dance and Swimming
  • Participation at the Pre-school and Primary school level: choice is not as important as in High school, as the child’s development goals are around social and individual integration rather than self-identification and expression. Hence the principle at this level is participation over specialisation.
  • Sport and Creative Arts: Many options are provided, with the emphasis on participation for all. From the Intermediate Phase, those students showing specific talent in a particular sport or cultural activity can be directed to individual coaching as an add-on.
  • Field trips and exposure to real life situations are also an important part of the extra-curricular programme, and these serve as an opportunity for integrated learning and contextualisation of content learned in the classroom.
  • Community Service: Learning at Future Nation extends outside the classroom to the involvement by students in community service projects.

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