Why the South African curriculum focuses on teaching European history over African history?

By Nicole Khumalo

History can be defined as the study of changes or major events that happen over time. Every country has some form of history however, as time time has passed, people have been particularly interested in European history. It is taught and prioritised in schools all over the world to the point where indigenous knowledge of those countries are forgotten. 

This project is centered around African and European history in South Africa. It tackles the issue of the prioritisation of European history in South African schools. No future can be built without concrete knowledge and understanding of the past and that is the reason for this project. Africa has rich and diverse history that can be traced back thousands of years. It is widely believed that the beginning of humanity originated in what we know as ‘Africa’ today, making it one of the oldest regions in the world. The question is, “How did Africa ‘lose’ its history? Was it hidden or stolen?” 

Project exhibition: