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Robotics Sports Challenges

Project-Based Learning Demonstrations

STEM Integrations

Virtual Reality Garden

Build, Code & Play Workshops

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When: Saturday 4 September 2021Time: 9:00 AM

At: Future Nation Schools, 2 Wessel Ave, Lyndhurst (See Map Below)

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Robotics enhances STEM learning because: 

  1. It provides immediate and individualized feedback beyond what is wrong and right. Writing the code and altering your model gives a hands-on approach to understanding the abstract scientific concept 
  2. Students get to experiment and understand how systems work and how changes in angles, friction, weight, sensors and structure can influence the performance of particular robots  
  3. Students actively learn the design thinking process as they plan, revise, implement and test problem solutions using robotics design.  
  4. Robotics also helps students practice their computational thinking, Robotics projects enable students to actively use decomposition, pattern recognition and algorithmic thinking 

Robotics is great for STEM because it is:  

  1. Fun –  They provide a naturally gamified approach to learning. There is a lot of trial and error and learning students can participate in cyber robotics competitions  
  2. Inclusive – robotics is interdisciplinary and can highlight student’s strengths and help them contribute to the team  
  3. Affordable – No longer is robotics just a rich man’s sport. There are a number of new affordable models that can get students to have their chance to experience robotics for themselves  


The CourtBot lets you create three specialized basketball-themed models, the DunkBot, ShootBot and the DumperBot. These models help the student learn about motion, force, and mechanics in a gamified fashion. Students can team up and compete against other teams to determine the winner. Visit Sifiso EdTech For More


Explore space by building three different models that simulate the creation and coding of Astron and her exploration vehicles as she journeys through space.  The Astrobot adventures game will help you sharpen your design and computational thinking skills as you experiment and modify the models and the code based on the challenges. Visit Sifiso EdTech For More


Enter the magical world of STEM by building and programming the Unicornbot that lets you explore its wonderful AR adventures. Improve your memory and learn about colour theory and procedural thinking through the interactive games as your Unicornbot navigates its new territory. Visit Sifiso EdTech For More


The Scorebot introduces scientific concepts like force and motion if an engaging soccer-themed robot. Students can experiment with the angles and the settings of the motors to ensure that their “player” is the best striker on the field. They can also program the IR sensor to ensure that their robot can be more aware of it surrounding. Visit Sifiso EdTech For More