Our vision is to build a network of high quality, affordable independent schools across South Africa. Future Nation Schools’ aim is to spearhead the African education revolution by providing a model that is relevant,  futuristic, technology-enabled and epitomises excellence! The strategic intent of Future Nation Schools is to produce future African leaders, entrepreneurs and innovators who are passionate, confident in themselves, excel at what they do, are ready for the 21st century…

Future Nation Schools aims to prepare students to excel and succeed in their personal and professional life through:

  • creating a solid foundation (empowerment, self-discipline, responsibility, resilience and confidence);
  • commitment to identifying children’s unique needs and talents;
  • preparing students to live and work in a modern, ever-changing and global environment;
  • employing the best academic talent (traditional and non-traditional teachers);
  • promoting diversity in our academic staff and students;
  • promoting continuous learning;
  • providing access to the best global content and
  • providing learning spaces which are modern and aesthetically pleasing.

Future Nation Schools have a distinctive educational model through the most effective and innovative instructional practices in a global context; a curriculum that is highly structured while developing students’ ability to work independently; and which uses learning technology…




All people are different. All people learn in different ways and at different rates. It is our task to meet this challenge. Regardless of his or her ability, each student has the right to a personal challenge every day.



The moral complement of excellence is integrity. We expect the high standards of integrity from our students, teachers and from every other member of the Sifiso Learning Group community, and we commit to this as an institution.



This is a fun place to work and learn. We will create and embrace an environment in which people feel welcome and valued by practicing kindness, fairness, open and honest communication, fun activities.



We are a community of students and teachers who are driven by: the love for Africa; the desire for excellence; enthusiasm to take on challenges; advocacy for innovation; devotion to purpose and resilience in our actions while maintaining humility, integrity and respect. All working and learning together towards the development of leaders and entrepreneurs who will be agents of change in the 21st Century and beyond.



We stand by respect for ourselves, for others, and for our environment. We will create a safe environment for our staff and students.




We want to develop young people who expect excellence of themselves and others, and who develop habits of excellence. We can only do that if excellence runs through every aspect of what we do as an institution. Our teachers will be expected to hone their skills in pursuit of excellence for both themselves and their students, constantly.

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