Grade 10 projects (Lyndhurst Campus)

Name and surnameDriving questionSubject integrationView project
Liyanda CembiWhy should we live sustainably?Life Science
Bonga Cindi

How has hip hop music evolved over the years and what factors have contributed to its transformation?

Creative Art and Social Science 
Adelle Cloette

How do the constant distractions and information overload on social media platforms impact our ability to focus, think critically, and retain information, and what strategies can individuals employ to mitigate these effects?

Social Science
Mbali Dokoda

Can deaf people feel vibrations and rhythms in music, and how do they interpret them?

Creative Art and Social Science
Nkateko DubeHow can we better understand and combat the diverse and complex nature of cancer to improve prevention, treatment and diagnosis strategies?Life Science
Leruo GwangwaHow does fashion allow individuals to express creativity and individualityCreative Art and Social Science
Vuyolwethu HlamWhat are the causes and effects of animal homelessness in our local communities?Social Science 
Neliswa HlopheHow do the arts help people’s mental health and mood? And how can we spread the positivity of the arts to the world?Creative Art and Social Science
Aphiwe KhumaloDoes the practice of meditation have any direct physiological benefits on the body ?Life Science 
Andile Leta How to make money as a teenager?Business Studies
Thabang Fortune MahlaleWhat are the main factors contributing to the endangerment of wild dogs?Life Science
Bokang MakhubeduWhat effect does the mass production of clothing produced by fast fashion companies have on the environment?Life Science
Ofentse MakubeHow does eczema affect individuals’ daily lives, and what are the underlying causes and triggers of this skin condition?Social Science and Life Science
Sine MalawanaHow to navigate the digital age of technology while maintaining academic success?Social Science
Nkateko MenzeyConsidering the historical and cultural significance of tribal markings, to what extent do tribal markings shape individual and collective identity within societies?History
Sibongile MgidiWhy is your mind the most powerful tool?Life Science and Social Science
Owethu MnguniHow does Down Syndrome affect various aspects of an individual’s life?Life Science and Social Science
Olesego MokguthuHow does utilising your unique talents take you away from the ordinary to the extraordinary?Social Science and Leadership
Nia MoleyaHow can dance therapy be utilised to promote mental health and well being in diverse populations?Social Science and Creative Arts
Franchesca MolokoHow does stigma affect access to mental healthcare?Social Science
Lethabo MotauHow can we evaluate the historical and contemporary evidence for the claims of Christianity and compare them with other worldviews?History and Social Science
Inothando MvanaWhy is the human brain the most important organ in the human body?Life Science
Takalani NcubeWhat evidence supports the possibility of extraterrestrial life, and what are the implications for our understanding of the universe if we were to discover them?Life Science and Physical Science
Phiwokuhle NdimaHow are volcanic eruptions studied and researched by scientists, and what are the current areas of research in Volcanology?Geography
Esinako NdzamelaHow has new technology such as var and advanced statistics changed the way soccer is analysed and what are the implications of these changes on the future of sport?Information Technology 
Thendo NetshifhefheWhat are the key sectors in South Africa where AI has the most significant impact?Information Technology and Social Science 
Neo NkekanaHow can we account for our health to live life at the fullest?Social Science and Life Science
Sabelo NkosiHow can we address and evaluate instances of alleged misconduct within feminism while promoting its core principles of gender equality and empowerment?Social Science 
Yakha NtebeWhat factors and geopolitical dynamics could potentially lead to the outbreak of World War III?Geography
Thandoluhle NtuliWhat are the primary causes of water scarcity, and what sustainable solutions to address this global change?Geography 
Nqobile NxabiHow does music therapy impact the emotional well-being of individuals with depression and anxiety?Creative Arts and Social Science
Angela Precious NyirendaWhat about Africa’s cultural, physical and linguistic landscape make it so unique?Geography 
Carlos ObiWhat will the future of work look like in the age of automation and remote technology?Information Technology and Social Science
Shaniqua OnoroibeHow can educational and community interventions effectively address and prevent self-harm among at-risk individuals?Social Science
Nkosinathi PegaHow and why do we get paralyzed?Life Science 
Bontle RakauHow has the art and cultural significance of tattoos evolved throughout history?Social Science and History
Kgothatso RalefetaAs a student, how can I boost my pocket money by taking on temporary jobs without compromising my academic commitments and personal well-being?Business Studies
Onkabetse RamphekwaHow does Martial Arts change your mindset and character to be a better person mentally and physically?Social Science 
Thapelo RampheleHow does the heart-brain connection contribute to the intuition and decision-making processes?Life Science 
Samantha SekhukhuniDo certain parts of the brain shrink when you get older or can you experience brain shrinkage at any age?Life Science
Bokang SemaWhat is the psychological factor of crimes committed by psychopaths?Social Science
Phala ShabanguWhy do different races have different hair textures?Life Science
Owami ShataWhat historical methods or treatments have been attempted to cure or alleviate Dissociative Identity Disorder, and what have we learned about the effectiveness of these approaches in modern times?Social Science and History
Sakhe SimelaneHow effective are sounds and vibrations on our bodies and behavioural patterns?Creative Arts and Life Science
Charlotte ThlakoHow does the law of attraction influence our mindset, behaviour and outcomes in our lives?Social Science
Ayanda TshabalalaIs Pan-Africanism relevant in the 21st Century?History and Social Science
Lethabo TshabalalaHow do architectural aesthetics and spatial layouts impact human behaviour and interaction within a built environment?Creative Art and Social Science 
Kgosigadi TshepeWhat customisation options or tailoring services are available for plus-size customers?Social Science
Liyakhanya ZondoHow can technology be used to better our education systems?Information Technology and Social Science