Future Nation Pre-Schools, based at our Fleurhof and Lyndhurst campuses, provide high-quality Early Childhood Development (ECD) for children from 18 months to Grade R.

Our Approach

Here at Future Nation Schools, we believe that all children are born competent, naturally curious, resourceful and creative, our learning spaces foster an early learning approach that places your child at the centre of learning in a safe and nurturing environment. Because we appreciate and embrace the fact that every child is different, we don’t see your child as an empty vessel that needs to be filled with facts, figures and dates. Instead, by applying our innovative Project-Based Learning (PBL) teaching approach to traditional Montesorri-based education, we invite our pre-schoolers to explore their environment and express themselves, with a particular focus on gross motor development, fine motor development, social awareness, communication, spatial awareness and arts.

Our learning-rich environment isn’t confined to the classroom. Through our outdoor play areas, we help our pre-schoolers extend their physical prowess and develop body confidence through a variety of age-appropriate climbing equipment and sensory provoking spaces that support their physical development.

We take special care to limit the number of children within each class in order to allow for an environment conducive to your child’s learning. Our teachers also have assistants to ensure that each child receives the necessary care and attention.

Benefits of sending your child to Future Nation Schools’ Pre-School

  • We are registered with the Department of Social Development
  • All teachers are first-aid trained
  • We offer complimentary school-readiness assessments
  • We are a direct feeder to FNS primary schools
  • We offer a variety of age-appropriate extra-curricular activities
  • Our environment, both in and out the classroom, is learning-rich
  • We offer a complimentary holiday programme for all our pre-schoolers
  • Our registrations are open all year round
  • Our pre-school fees include a daily hot lunch as well as aftercare till 17:30

Meet Our Team

Ms Lungile Nala

Pre-School Head: Future Nation Schools Fleurhof

Lungile Portia Nala is a dedicated and passionate childcare professional who finds joy in staying busy and spending time with children. Her genuine love for working with children and witnessing their excitement for learning has driven her to pursue a career in childcare.

With two grownup children and three grandchildren, Lungile understands the importance of family bonds.

Lungile has an impressive educational background in the field of early childhood development. She holds a Diploma in Montessori Method of Teaching, a Diploma in Grade R (CAPS), and has completed the Early Childhood Development (Level 4 NCF) program. Additionally, she has enriched her knowledge through a short course in Basic Child Psychology, further enhancing her understanding of children’s development.

In 2016, Lungile joined Future Nation Schools as a Montessori Directress. Due to her exceptional skills and commitment, she was promoted to the position of Head of Preschool in Fleurhof in 2017. Working alongside an amazing team, Lungile actively assists them in developing lesson plans and managing the learning experiences for students. Her primary goal is to ensure that the individual needs of each student are met while fostering an environment of self-directed learning and normalisation, in line with the principles of Montessori pedagogy. She takes great pride in maintaining a neat, well-organised, and aesthetically pleasing learning environment, creating an inspiring and engaging space in which children feel safe and secure.

Lungile’s ultimate aspiration is to provide children with what they need to become lifelong learners. Her unwavering dedication and commitment to nurturing young minds make her an invaluable asset to the field of early childhood education.

Ms Nonkululeko (Nonki) Mhlongo

Pre-School Head: Future Nation Schools Lyndhurst

Nonkululeko “Nonki” Mhlongo is an ardent advocate for Early Childhood Development (ECD) and has dedicated her career to this meaningful pursuit. In 2015, she made the decision to redirect her professional path towards ECD, a field that deeply resonated with her passion and aspirations. This marked a pivotal moment in Nonki’s journey, leading to her appointment as the Head of a pre-school in Randburg.

Nonki’s exceptional leadership and unwavering commitment to excellence became evident as she guided her team with unwavering integrity and professionalism. Her growth throughout the years has been nothing short of remarkable, showcasing her tenacity and her ability to adapt and flourish in various roles. Her outstanding track record of success and her ability to lead by example have solidified her position as the Head of Preschool at the Future Nation Schools’ Lyndhurst Campus, where she currently serves.

A testament to her dedication to continuous learning and professional development, Nonki holds a National Diploma in ECD (Level 5) with a specialisation in the Montessori Education Method. She also holds a BA degree from the University of Pretoria, broadening her academic foundation and equipping her with a well-rounded perspective.

Nonki’s exceptional skills extend beyond her academic qualifications. She is recognised for her flexibility, an invaluable trait that enables her to adapt to diverse situations and challenges effectively.

Nonki and her amazing team are passionate about ensuring that they understand the unique needs and concerns of the children under their care. This empathetic approach, coupled with strong problem-solving abilities, allows the team to navigate even the most complex situations with grace and efficacy.

Nonki’s commitment to ECD, combined with her remarkable growth, exemplary leadership and impressive qualifications, make her an indispensable asset to the field of education. Her unwavering dedication to her craft continues to positively impact the lives of children, paving the way for a brighter and more inclusive future.

School Times

18 months to 5 years: 07:00- 17:30

Penalty fee for late child collection: R120 per 5 minutes

Contact Details


011 085 5750 / 011 674 0269 /

068 136 7123

Corner Halite and Hyacinth Roads | Fleurhof | 2193


011 386 2500 / 011 674 0269

2 Wessel Avenue | Lyndhurst | 2090